The moment you find out you have a half day at college, you know your evening is going to turn out for the best. I raced back home and before my bag hit the ground I was gone. Aimlessly roaming around until I decided to go test ride the new Indian Scout 60. Much to my dismay I learnt that their test bike wasn’t available.

Luckily for me, one of their friendlier employees suggested that I took the regular Indian Scout (2016 model)  for a ride. He said, “It isn’t going to be very different because you can’t open up anywhere in the city.” I wasn’t too confident about taking a hefty litre class motorcycle but I couldn’t let my evening go to waste either.

“Screw it, let’s do it.”

My first impressions when I sat on that massive matt black motorcycle was one of genuine surprise! For 560lbs ( approximately 255kg) bike the weight was really evenly distributed  unlike my Thunderbird. A single comfortable seat and a typical cruiser like seating position reflected exactly what the Indian Motorcycle company was an insignia of : American Muscle.

It took me a little while to get used to the heavy gear shifter and fact that my leg was almost completely outstretched.The characteristic clunk was very predominant at the end of each shift. The instrument cluster was simple and very basic. It had an analog speedometer with a digital display for the odometer, time, and trip distances. The clutch was heavy, something you could get used to over a period of time.

I think I’ve got the hang of….wait, right turn?

Both brakes come with ABS as standard. A single disc up front while a couple help braking at the back. The front brake has plenty of bite while the rear brake lacks in comparison and felt a bit robust. When applied together, they more than do what’s required.

The Indian Scout has a 6 speed gear box while the Scout 60 has 5 speed transmission. The bike churns out about 100nm of torque at just 5900-6000rpm. The initial thrust literally caught me off guard as I felt a shove back! Second gear was very much the same, torque throughout. I did about 60kmph in second and the bike showed no signs of struggling. The fuel injected 1100cc V-twin engine has a peak power figure of 100bhp. Indian motorcycle has given the Scout a liquid cooling system. The throttle response was fast and crisp. The overall ride was smooth and you could barely feel any vibrations at all. Unfortunately I couldn’t get past 4th gear and open her up within city limits.

Drop a gear and disappear!

The bike has a really low ground clearance which when coupled with its weight and seating ergonomics will give you hard time taking sharper turns. Chances of scraping the pegs are high. The suspensions do their job well and soak up most of the undulations (I felt terrible for subjecting such a beautiful bike to our pathetic roads).

Wait, where did the road go?


The test bike had a set of twin, stage 1 exhausts. These enhance performance but the note produced was quite loud and could get irritating on a long trip. There is plenty of heat emanating off the engine and onto your legs. This would definitely not make a good city motorcycle! Perfect for the highway, but a no go for a crowded and over populated city like Bangalore.

20minutes at a signal, nothing unusual here


I’m so sorry

The lack of a rear pillion seat would mean solo riding most of the time. Of course you could buy a rear seat and have it attached. If I did have one (I wish) I would most certainly buy and get a wind shield put on.The wind blast was really strong at higher speeds. The cost of the bike is about 14-15lakhs on road in Bangalore.

Indian Motorcycle have taken a lot care and paid a lot of attention to detail while designing this bike.The front head light has been beautifully modeled consisting of a black base with a metallic chrome strip/trim. Even the fenders on bike look stylish and modern! The bike sure does turn a lot of heads.

Would I recommend this bike? If money isn’t an issue and if good and open roads aren’t hard to come by, go for it!

Beauty and the beast





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